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Apr. 26th, 2009 | 09:54 pm
posted by: mystic_anime in bentoforcheap

Rice Ball shaped Bentos $7 each

Rectangle 2 tier Bento $8
Square Bento $6

Strawberry Bento Set
Square $6
Rectangle 2 tier Bento $8
Oval Bento $7

Blue Bento Bag $5
Bento Flags (has cute faces on them)$4 for set
200 piece Sushi Grass with plastic container $5


Rice Ball Makers
Big triangle shapes $5
Long Triangle maker $4
Small triangle maker $3

Flower and Sauce bottle set $1 each
Egg Maker Heart and Star $3 each
Animal Sauce Holders $1 each
Sakura silicone holder (for jello ice of whatever) $6
Anime and Car silicone holder (for jello ice of whatever) $6

Silicone heart $3 each
Silicone Stars $3 each
Ice pop maker $6

Japanese Bento and Cooking order
If there is any bento item you are interested in or any japanese cooking item. I can check if I can get it for you. I can get almost anything so please ask. Also I can re-order all items above once they run out. If you are interested in something that has sold out you can pre-order one and I'll get it for you in my next order.

for more japanese items, anime and manga go ot mystic_anime

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